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Fluent in English, Polish, Russian, and French, Martin Mieloszyk has traveled the world in pursuit of education and cultural enlightenment. Currently residing in New York, Martin Mieloszyk started his career as a Regional Manager at Porsche Cars North America, Inc., in 1998, followed by a four-year tenure with First Allied/Wells Fargo Bank managing public relations and subsequently its investment banking departments. In 2004, Martin Mieloszyk accepted a position as Chief Corporate Officer with SSMC Bank and later joined the Royal Alliance division of AIG, where he contributed to the development of the company’s marketing and sales strategies. As a result of his efforts, the average investment amount increased to exceed the established company quotas. Most recently, Martin Mieloszyk served as President for L’Marc International, Inc., as the head of the Mergers & Acquisitions Division. In this capacity, he performed multiple business analyses; consulted with business owners or management teams who intended to sell, acquire, or merge their companies; and developed targeted marketing strategies for those businesses. An alumnus of Paris-Sorbonne University, the largest school of literature, languages, culture, and art in France, Martin Mieloszyk earned a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication and Slavic Studies. While living in Great Britain, he attended University of Oxford and obtained a Master of Computer Science in Programming and Software Engineering. Finally, Martin Mieloszyk graduated with honors from the University of Warsaw in Poland, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economic Sciences. A Board Member of the Polish Slavic Center, Martin Mieloszyk is also affiliated with Polish American Congress and The Kosciuszko Foundation (formerly the Polish-American Scholarship Committee), which was founded by Dr. Stephen Mizwa in 1923 to connect Polish students with American universities. In his spare time, Martin Mieloszyk serves as a member of the Polish National Fencing Team in epée and sabre. He also practices Kendo, meaning “Way of the Sword,” and takes part in Kendo tournaments, displaying a contemporary Japanese martial art of sword fighting derived from the traditional samurai swordsmanship.

Martin P. Mieloszyk on the Roots of the Kościuszko Foundation

Business executive Martin P. Mieloszyk possesses a significant interest in his Polish heritage. Along with his activity in groups such as the Polish and Slavic Center and the Polish-Slavic Credit Union, Martin Mieloszyk donates to the Kościuszko Foundation. Founded in … Continue reading

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What is Kendo?

Martin Mieloszyk is the president of L’Marc International, Inc., a financial services company based in New York. In his free time, Martin Mieloszyk practices and competes in kendo, or Japanese fencing. Literally translated as “the way of the sword,” kendo … Continue reading

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Martin Mieloszyk on Electric Scoring in Modern Fencing

Since 1998, Martin Mieloszyk has held a variety of business positions in New York. He started as a Porsche sales manager and more recently filled a position as a financial analyst for VR Mergers & Acquisitions. Before relocating to the … Continue reading

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The Origins of New York’s Polish & Slavic Center

With more than a decade of experience in business and management, Martin P. Mieloszyk currently heads L’Marc International, Inc. He is a member of the Polish-American Congress and the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union. Mr. Mieloszyk also serves on … Continue reading

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Martin P. Mieloszyk’s Advice for Strength Training in Kendo

Martin Mieloszyk dedicates significant time to practicing various forms of sword arts, including epee and sabre, as well as kendo, which is based on samurai sword techniques. Students of kendo, Martin Mieloszyk notes, benefit greatly from strength training in their … Continue reading

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Martin P. Mieloszyk’s Tips for Beginning Kendo Practitioners: Target Points

Skilled in several sword arts, including epee, sabre, and kendo, Martin Mieloszyk has spent years honing his skills, and appreciates learning about the different rules and philosophies of each style. As Martin Mieloszyk explains, kendo practitioners recognize four primary target … Continue reading

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In Brief: The Polish Slavic Center By Martin Mieloszyk

The Polish Slavic Center, headquartered in New York City, is a nonprofit organization that provides social and cultural services to the Polish Slavic community. The Center is the result of the hard work and dedication of a group of people … Continue reading

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